Pocket Guide to Hiring Geeks 

In The Pocket Guide to Hiring Geeks, Bill and George tackle the complex topics involved when hiring technical resources effortlessly, humorously and informatively. This books makes for a very clear and easily understood reading experience that can impact your next round of interviewing in a tremendously positive way. It can help move your department, and company, to the next level - today!

Sample chapter from The Pocket Guide to Hiring Geeks, Tip 5:
How to Hire Someone Who Has More Technical Knowledge than You

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Agile Development & Business Goals 

Agile Development & Business Goals describes a unique, state-of-the-art methodology that aligns the critical but often "silo-ed" software development process with core company goals. Eschewing long-winded "agile philosophy" in favor of a formally prioritized process, this book serves as a distilled learning guide for managing technical resources in a manner that directly boosts your bottom line. Build the teams, define the roles, acquire the tools, and deliver your world-class software on time and on budget.

Sample chapter from Agile Development & Business Goals
Chapter 4: Overview of the Six Week Solution

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Agile Universe, 2011

Agile Development & Business Goals at Agile Universe 2011