2013 First Quarter SKS Market Report

Most recent SKS Market Report: 2014 Jan. - June is now available.

The first three months of 2013 continued the trends from 2012 with a large number of SKS rifles being listed and sold. 12,940 auctions and postings were found by the GunStockMarket from January through March of 2013, with 2,444 sales confirmed by the GunStockMarket. This three month sales total is close to the number of confirmed sales found by the GunStockMarket in all of 2012! The popularity of the SKS continues, and the political climate for the first quarter of 2013 has driven individuals to purchase SKS in record numbers while many sellers are taking profits due to the current state of panic. While long term collectors of the SKS may have the opinion that this is price gouging, the current pricing level is being supported by sales and while there may be a small retreat in prices, the opinion of the GunStockMarket is that the current prices will not be discounted much in the future due to the large number of sales. Unless someone has been living under a rock for the first quarter of 2013, they know the state of panic that exists and will charge accordingly. Meanwhile the new owners who paid these record prices will be reluctant to sell at a loss, and thus lend further support to the recently inflated prices. Love the new price level or hate it, the first quarter of 2013 set some records in both price and volume.

Volume precedes price is a saying for traders, and the volume of sales for the SKS rose very closely to the prices as events unfolded in 2012 and into the first quarter of 2013. There was a very large spike in the number of sales in January of 2013 with the sale momentum carrying over into February. March returned to about the same level as December 2012, which was still above average for the rest of 2012.

SKS Sales Volume in Q1 of 2013 by Month

Prices ended 2012 with an overall average above $440.00 for an SKS, and 2013 took off where 2012 ended. Prices held at over $500 throughout the first quarter, with the high prices reflecting some very rare SKS varieties showing up for auction. Even with the rarities appearing for auction, the averages are not effected as there were so few at the highest prices. Also note that while the average price for an SKS in the first quarter of 2013 averaged a little over $500, there were plenty of deals to be found at more traditionally "reasonable" prices.

First Quarter 2013 SKS Sale Price Trend

Green Line: Average price
Red Line: Highest price
Blue Line: Lowest price

Removing the highest priced sales, and focusing on the averages by month shows a slightly different picture of what prices were doing in the first quarter.

A small dip in prices during February can be observed, yet the above $500 prices hold throughout the first three months of 2013.

There were still deals to be found if you searched hard enough. While a few low priced SKS were exchanged, remember that rarity and condition are huge driving factors in the price. The lowest priced SKS, which still more expensive than they were in 2012, are all examples of Chinese SKS.

First Quarter 2013 SKS Sale Price Trend Average

FebruaryChinese SKS 7.62x39 Used No Reserve9225Gun Broker
MarchChinese SKS3150Gun Broker

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