Varieties of SKS in 2013 Q1 - Part 2

Chinese SKS, in all forms, continue to be the highest volume of sales with the rare SKS-D & SKS-M again leading the pack. Like the Yugoslavian SKS, the Chinese versions are found in modified forms. A slight downward trend can be observed for the standard Chinese SKS while the Paratrooper, SKS-D & SKS-M held steady throughout the first three months of 2013.

Chinese SKS (all varieties)




Chinese SKS (not Paratrooper/D/M)

2012 Romanian SKS Sale Price Trend

Romanian SKS would appear to have dropped over 2012 prices in spite of the panic buying that flavored late 2012 and much of the first quarter of 2013 if only the data from January through March of 2013 is considered. Given that for much of 2012 the Romanian varieties bounced between $300.00 to $400.00, the drop in price from January to March shows the Romanian SKS returning to pre-panic price levels while holding steady to the longer term average price.

SKS prices continued to display the effects of panic buying in late 2012 and this effect carried over into 2013. While for some variants prices may be starting to return to a longer term average trend, the buyers who purchased in the height of the recent panic may be relutant to sell at the longer term average price which may continue to lead to inflated asked prices for some time into the future.

While panic may have driven the sales volume and increased prices during the first quarter of 2013, a few extremely rare SKS examples appeared on the market during this timeframe. Any serious collector of SKS rifles would appriciate owning an East German, North Korean and NVA samples to really complete their collections, and in the first three month of 2013 a chance at all three of these varieties appeared!

FebruaryNorth Korean SKS rifle, extremely rare Vietnam13500Gun Broker
MarchEast German SKS Vietnam Era Bring Back145324.99Gun Broker
MarchSKS, NVA Star 1 Bringback w/ papers12500Gun Broker

The SKS market continues to reward, and frustrate. It was possible to add even the rarest of the rare to your collection at what could be argued are reasonable prices for these variants, while prices on more standard models gained or at held at prices higher than 2012. Interest in the SKS remains high, and while collectors may resist the "new normal" for prices the volume of sales supports that there are buyers willing to pay the current prices. Items that were listed multiple times in 2012 (The North Korean SKS, listed twice in 2012 and peaking at $2,505.00 & $2,300.00) sold at higher prices than they were able to have offered in 2012. Russian SKS continue to hold strong to the gains and are even reaching higher highs. The volume of sales at the current prices supports the prices, so while there is no guarantee that prices will not suddenly drop (or continue to rise), the data supports that prices will continue to be higher in 2013 than they were in 2012.

SKS Sales Volume in 2012 and Q1 of 2013 by Month

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