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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
01/24/2022Guns America Russian SKS Viet Nam bring back03800.00
05/12/2022Gun Broker RUSSIAN SKS 7.62x39 Russia Blade Bayonet Matching Milled Receiver WE TRADE!01999.00
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01/20/2022Guns America Russian-made SKS with ammo and lots of extras01900.00
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05/10/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 45 1953r 7.62x39 KBI All Matching w/ box Izhevsk01399.99
05/03/2022Gun Broker Tula Russia SKS-45 1952R 7.62x3901350.00
05/14/2022Gun Broker RUSSIAN 1953 TULA ARSENAL SKS 7.62X39 FOLDING BAYONET01295.00
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05/21/2022Gun Broker Russian sks01100.00
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05/21/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS01050.00
05/24/2022Gun Broker 1954 Dated Russian SKS manufactured at Tula01000.00
05/21/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS01000.00
05/26/2022Gun Broker RUSSIAN SKS SEMI-AUTO RIFLE0950.00
04/19/2022Gun Broker Tula SKS 7.62x39 *EXQUISITE RUSSIAN RIFLE, 1951 STAMP & BAYONET!0950.00
01/20/2022Arms List Tula SKS - 7.62x39mm Russian - Stk #C2420950.00
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05/26/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 45 KBI Excellent Sniper with Eurolox Scope0900.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 1956 Tula w/ Blade Bayonet0900.00
01/20/2022Gun Auction Russia SKS 1950 Tula Collector Grade0899.99
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04/10/2022Gun Broker Russian sks matching numbers Russian sks matching numbers0899.00
03/09/2022Gun Broker RUSSIAN SKS MATCHING 1954 GREAT BORE0897.77
05/26/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS with bayonet 19540850.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 1954r 7.62x39mm Semi Auto Rifle Numbers Matching0850.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 1952r 7.62x39mm Semi Auto Rifle Numbers Matching0850.00
05/22/2022Flordia Gun Trader SKS Russian 1953 Tula 7.62x39 / Desirable model.!0850.00
05/15/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS Made in 1951 All Matching Looks Unissued Very Fine!0850.00
05/25/2022Gun Broker 1951 Russian Tula SKS, all original numbers matching with upgrades0839.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS Rifle 7.62x39 with Extras 19500800.00
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04/13/2022Gun Broker RARE 1954 RUSSIAN IZHEVSK SKS 7.62x390799.00
05/21/2022Gun Broker * Russian * Tula * SKS * 7.62x39 * C&R * Matching Numbers * 1954 *0779.99
03/26/2022Gun Broker RUSSIAN SKS TULA 1953 IN BLACK STOCK0777.77
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05/26/2022Gun Broker Russian Sks1700.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS 7.62x39 20 Barrel 10 Rd Mag Mfg. In 1954 - FAST SHIP7610.00
05/07/2022Gun Broker 1953 Tula Russian SKS-All Matching-Near NOS Condition-Great Rifle9600.00
05/22/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS 1950 Arsenal Refinished Unfired3575.00
05/22/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS Semi Auto Rifle 7.62x39 Tula 1955-56 20 9555.00
05/17/2022Gun Broker RUSSIAN SKS 7.62X39MM4510.00
05/27/2022Gun Broker 1951 Tula Russian SKS NIB! Rare antique1500.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker KBI INC SKS-45 Russian SKS 7.62X396400.00
05/21/2022Gun Broker Russian made SKS Excellent Condition9205.00
05/26/2022Gun Broker PENNY! CUSTOM, RUSSIAN SKS, 7.62X39, W/ 20 BARREL!!-2191.19
05/27/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39mm Item S-145552.00
05/27/2022Arms List Russian Izhevsk SKS Rifle numbers matching Login00.00
05/26/2022Arms List Russian Tula Sks #matching Login00.00
05/25/2022Arms List 1950 Russian SKS Login00.00
05/21/2022Arms List NEW AD. Russian sks, m39, 24/47 Login00.00
05/14/2022Arms List Russian Tula SKS Login00.00
05/12/2022Arms List 1953 Russian SKS. Login00.00
05/11/2022Arms List RUSSIAN IZHEVSK SKS 1954R Login00.00

Recently Sold - SKS: Russian

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
05/25/2022Gun Broker Russian Sks1700.00
05/25/2022Gun Broker PENNY! CUSTOM, RUSSIAN TULA SKS, 7.62X39, W/ 20 BARREL, MFG: 1953!!-4510.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker TOKAREV SVT-40 7.62 X 54R RIFLE RUSSIAN SVT40 NO C.C FEES33526.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker  D Letter Dated Russian SKS (Tula)71526.00
05/23/2022Gun Broker 1951 Dated Russian SKS11200.00
05/22/2022Gun Broker SKS RUSSIAN TULA 1951 New Unfired Condition in the box with accessories9945.25
05/22/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 C&R NO RESERVE7782.00
05/22/2022Gun Broker RUSSIAN SKS 7.62x39mm Excellent cond Beautiful Wood grains with bayonet5715.00
05/21/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62 x 391655.00
05/20/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS rifle, 7.62x39mm, sling, bayonet6620.56
05/18/2022Gun Broker Russia SKS-45 7.62x39 KBI HBG SKS Rifle7748.00
05/17/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS with 30 Rnd Magazine1750.00
05/16/2022Gun Broker Tula Russian SKS 7.62x39mm 1954 All Matching Numbers3905.00
05/15/2022Gun Broker 1952 RUSSIAN SKS 7.62x39 PENNY START In Original Box61002.00
05/15/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS-45 - 7.62x39 - MFG 1954 - SKS - Matchings- Bayonet - Tapco1675.00
05/14/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 1954 All Matching TULA Arsenal SUPER NICE1899.00
05/13/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS1730.00
05/12/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS 7.62x39 Made 1950 Matching. NICE! C&R8900.00
05/11/2022Gun Broker Tula Russian SKS 7.62x39 1955 with matching numbers61025.00
05/10/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS11000.00
05/10/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula 1951 SKS2855.00
05/07/2022Gun Broker Russian TULA SKS, Imported by KBI6980.00
05/06/2022Gun Broker 1955 Russian SKS8915.00
05/05/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS RARE 1955 Arctic Birch Non Refurb! Matching! No Reserve!11549.00
05/05/2022Gun Broker 1951 Dated Russian SKS (Tula)1950.00
05/05/2022Gun Broker Tula Russian SKS 7.62x39 1955 with matching numbers4880.00
05/04/2022Gun Broker Rare Sino-Russian SKS1500.00
05/03/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle MADE 1954 w/ Bayonet NICE GUN $1START2690.00
05/01/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS-45 SKS45 Tula Arsenal 7.62x39mm Semi Automatic Rifle, 1952 C&R4961.00
05/01/2022Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS - 7.62x39 -Matching Stamps- Mfg 1953 - Commie Classic3960.00
05/01/2022Gun Broker 1950s Russian SKS excellent wood and metal with matching numbers4605.00
04/30/2022Gun Broker 1954 Tula Russian SKS-45 in 7.62x39 with Matching Serial Numbers & Bayonet6841.00
04/30/2022Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 Sporter Stock 3x9 Scope7425.00
04/28/2022Gun Broker KBI/Tula Russian SKS-45 7.62x39 PENNY AUCTION!11225.00