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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
12/11/2018Gun Broker RARE ENFIELD MKV TRIALS RIFLE 303 British I TRADE! No 1 SMLE MK 5 1924 No1 Lee 303Brit Original I BUY03999.00
11/18/2018Gun Broker SAVAGE ENFIELD 303 British US PROPERTY I BUY TRADE NO 4 MK 1 No4 MK1 Model Lee Mark United States S02999.00
12/05/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield Pattern 14 No. 2 .22 LR....WOW! trainer military british WWI WWII SMLE MKIII02589.99
10/31/2018Gun Broker ENFIELD US Marked 303 MK1 NO 4 M47 47 C II Mark WW Lee NO4 MK 1 Property WWII World War I BUY & TRADE01499.00
06/16/2018Guns America Lee-Enfield S.M.L.E. MkI, .303 Brit01295.00
12/09/2018Gun Broker Extremely Rare Prototype British Lee-Enfield Rifle WW2 Simplified Experimental No.4-P14 303 194211125.00
10/18/2018Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No1 MkIII BSA Co. 191601095.00
12/09/2018Gun Broker Scarce British Boer War Long Lee-Enfield BSA 1901 Excellent Pre-SMLE 303 Mark I* Mk.1 Infantry Rifle01000.00
10/08/2018Arms List Lee Enfield No.1 Mk501000.00
12/01/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No.2 MkIV Trainer 1915 MkIII Convert0999.99
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1 more listing like this
10/10/2018Arms List lee enfield0850.00
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12/10/2018Gun Broker Enfield .303 No.5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine No Rifle Lee0699.99
11/12/2018Gun Broker SMLE Lee Enfield MKIII Training Rifle - 22 LR0695.00
10/27/2018Arms List WWI Enfield all matching # s including stock0675.00
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11/25/2018Arms List Lee Enfield No.4 Mk10650.00
10/18/2018Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine0650.00
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12/06/2018Gun Broker 1917 Lee Enfield MK III SMLE Gorgeous! WWI WWII Battle Rifles Mauser Garand Arasaka1600.00
12/01/2018Arms List SMLE 303 Lithgow0600.00
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12/05/2018Gun Auction Enfield Ishapore Model No.4 Mk.1* 1963 Rifle0575.00
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10/09/2018Arms List Lee Enfield No 4 MK 1 1943 .303 wwii ww2 Enfield 3030520.00
12/10/2018Gun Broker Savage Lee Enfield 303 british0500.00
12/02/2018Arms List Unfired Thompson Compass 3080500.00
11/06/2018Arms List 1915 BSA No1Mk30500.00
11/06/2018Arms List 1911 LSA No1Mk30500.00
12/04/2018Gun Broker SAVAGE BUILT LEE ENFIELD No4 MK1* - NO CC FEE!0489.00
11/13/2018Arms List 1966 Ishapore 2A1 lee enfield0450.00
12/02/2018Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD .303 BRIT W/SCOPE0429.99
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1 more listing like this
12/10/2018Gun Broker WW2 SMLE Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine No. 5 MK 1 ROF2355.00
09/15/2018Arms List USED LEE ENFIELD No.4 MKI 303 British0350.00
09/15/2018Arms List Sporterized Lee Enfield No.4 Mark I (.303)0349.00
12/08/2018Gun Broker 1941 Lithgow SMLE III* Lee-Enfield .303 Rifle1295.00
11/14/2018Arms List Lowered $-LEE ENFIELD MARK III .3030275.00
11/11/2018Gun Broker Lithgow SMLE III 1942 303 British Sporterized0269.99
12/12/2018Arms List LEE ENFIELD SMLE MK3 - USED0250.00
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12/08/2018Gun Broker BSA 1916 Lee Enfield No1 MKIII 303 British Rifle0195.00
12/10/2018Gun Broker Sporterized Lee Enfield G.R. B.S.A Co. 1918 SHT0145.00
12/09/2018Arms List lee enfield ishapore no1 mk301.00
12/03/2018Arms List Unissued No 4 MK2 UF 1955 Lee Enfield .303 British01.00

Recently Sold - Lee Enfield

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
12/11/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield Mk III* .303 British Sporterized NICE!1295.00
12/10/2018Gun Broker Savage Lee Enfield2435.00
12/08/2018Gun Broker Penny Auction Lee-Enfield MKIII .303 British4201.02
12/07/2018Gun Broker Collector piece! 1941 Lee-Enfield .303 No4 Mk11850.00
11/28/2018Gun Broker Rare Alexander Martin of Glasgow Long Lee-Enfield Scottish-Retailed 303 British BSA Match Rifle53358.00
11/28/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No 4 T, trial rifle (sniper conversion41525.00
11/28/2018Gun Broker Enfield No4 MkI .303 British MK 1 #4 4 No 303 SMLE1499.99
11/28/2018Gun Broker Enfiled No 1 Sht Lee 1918 No1 Mk III1499.00
11/27/2018Gun Broker Unissued RAF Contract British Lee-Enfield No4 Mk.211499.00
11/27/2018Gun Broker Short Magazine Lee Enfield Number 1 Mark 111*5755.00
11/27/2018Gun Broker Sporterized Lee Enfield G.R. B.S.A Co. 1918 SHT1135.00
11/26/2018Gun Broker SMLE Sniper Rifle, No. 4, Long Branch, 1944 1944 Lee Enfield super nice13520.00
11/25/2018Gun Broker BSA Lee-Speed British Officers Carbine Watson Bros Boer War London Retailed Metford Pre-SMLE .30331869.00
11/25/2018Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD MK 4 303 BRITISH TWO BAYONET6548.00
11/25/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No. 4 MK I .303cal Bolt Action Rifle3300.00
11/25/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No1 Mk3 stock1195.00
11/24/2018Gun Broker 1943 Enfield No 4 MK 1 Long Branch w/ Bayonet 3033540.00
11/23/2018Gun Broker 1945 British Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine 303 MK18650.00
11/23/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine Good Shape CC BTC1379.99
11/22/2018Gun Broker Rare New Zealand LEC 1 Boer War Enfield Carbine 1 of 1500 Short Lee-Metford No.1 .303 British71750.00
11/22/2018Gun Broker Rare New Zealand-South African Long Lee-Metford 303 British Boer War Rifle Enfield MLM 189411247.00
11/21/2018Gun Broker WWI-WW2 British Enfield SMLE No.I Rifle LSA 191111337.00
11/21/2018Gun Broker Scarce Enfield-Metford Mk.II 22 Royal Navy Trainer Antique No.1 LE I Long Lee Training Rifle Mk2 18988938.00
11/21/2018Gun Broker Rare Canadian EAL Sporter Lee-Enfield 303 British Post-WW2 RCAF Rangers Royal Air Force 1950 s7605.00
11/20/2018Gun Broker Rare RAF No.7 Lee-Enfield .22 Trainer BSA 1948 British Military Training Rifle & 5-Round Magazine52526.50
11/20/2018Gun Broker Unissued RAF Contract British Lee-Enfield No4 Mk.212301.50
11/20/2018Gun Broker Scarce Boer War LSA Long Lee-Enfield British Rifle Canadian LE I London Small Arms Pre-SMLE 189661875.00
11/20/2018Gun Broker Rare CLE I Long Lee-Enfield Boer War British Rifle CLLE Charger-Loading Enfield No.I Mk.1 30351076.81
11/19/2018Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No 4 Mk1 .303 British6805.00
11/19/2018Gun Broker Enfiled No 1 Sht Lee 1918 No1 Mk III1699.00
11/18/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No.1 MkIII in .22LR New1630.00
11/18/2018Gun Broker British Enfield No.4 Mk.1 .303 British Rare3415.00
11/16/2018Gun Broker Nice used sporterized Lee Enfield 303 British rifl2158.00