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Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
08/03/2021Gun Broker Yugo SKS - 7.62x39 - 59/66 - Yugoslavian8660.00
08/03/2021Gun Broker Yugo SKS 7.62x39 Semi-Auto Rifle WW2 Grenade Launcher M59/665622.00
07/27/2021Gun Broker Yugo Zastava 59/66 SKS - 7.62x391655.00
07/25/2021Gun Broker Yugoslavian SKS 1959/66 M59/66A1 7.62x39mm Semi Auto Rifle MFD 1969 ATF C&R31300.00
07/25/2021Gun Broker Zastava Model 59/66 SKS Rifle 7.62X39MM 22 YUGO 10RD M59 Semi Auto 7.62X391999.99
07/25/2021Gun Broker Zastava M59/66 Yugo SKS 7.62x39mm9617.00
07/23/2021Gun Broker Yugo M59 SKS NICE SHAPE! NOT 59/66!4680.00
07/22/2021Gun Broker Yugoslavian SKS 59/66 7.62x39 Used1705.00
07/22/2021Gun Broker YUGO M59/66 SKS 7.62X399625.00
07/21/2021Gun Broker Yugo SKS M59/66 7.62x39 20 Bbl 10rds1680.00
07/19/2021Gun Broker Yugo SKS 59/661505.00
07/18/2021Gun Broker Mint Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS 7.62x39 Rifle and Bayonet4680.00
07/16/2021Gun Broker Excellent Yugo 59/66 SKS cal 7.62x39 with log book4680.00
07/15/2021Gun Broker Unissued / Unfired Yugo Zastava M59/66, SKS, 7.62x39mm, Cherry s Import2893.88
07/15/2021Gun Broker Yugo SKS Model 59/66 7.62x39 Matching with Bayonet NICE! Yugoslavian1786.00
07/15/2021Gun Broker Custom Century Arms Yugo SKS M59/66 w/ 7 Mags, Dust Cover Rail, 2 Stocks1685.00
07/15/2021Gun Broker YUGO M59/66 SKS 7.62X39 Matching # s 1 No Reserve5655.00
07/13/2021Gun Broker Yugo SKS 59/66 Excellent Condition All Matching Numbers Zastava Yugo SKS2625.00
07/10/2021Gun Broker Zastava M59/66 YUGO SKS Rifle 7.62x39 20 Bbl Grenade Launcher Blade Bayonet4755.00
07/06/2021Gun Broker Yugo SKS 59/66 Excellent Condition All Matching Numbers Zastava Yugo SKS8645.99
07/06/2021Gun Broker PENNY! YUGOSLAVIAN YUGO SKS, MODEL 59/66, 7.62X39, W/ 22 BARREL, MINTY!!8608.00