George Stragand

George is a software development manager and developer experienced developing SaaS, commercial and internal applications throughout the entire SDLC and current projects involve delivering SaaS products. As a manager and project lead, George is experienced with providing accurate time lines, including best practices for development and using testing and QA in all phases of development. He has a strong computer science background and solid object-oriented skills with an emphasis in language design and parsing. George is experienced with both Windows and Linux development using multiple languages. George has strong customer contact skills, ranging from initial sales presentations through supporting the continuing customer relationship. George is also experienced with interviewing and hiring candidates as well as coaching and retaining employees.


George knows your project is unique, and your software is uniqie. Whether the project is server side Java, extracting value from free-form text, cloud hosting or the automation of build processes and software quality give him a call to discuss your software needs.

Pocket Guide to Hiring Geeks

George's latest book, which he co-authored with Bill Holtsnider, is the Pocket Guide to Hiring Geeks and was released in 2012. Filled with real world stories (with the names changed to protect the guilty of course) the two hope the book can give the reader some useful insights into the complex hiring of a software professional as well as provide a few laughs.

Agile Development & Business Goals

George is a co-author of Agile Development & Business Goals which was published in 2010. George was one of four co-authors; to read George's viewpoint check out Automation (chapter 8).


Data is data and bytes are bytes! The GunStockMarket project uses publically available data to track prices on firearms and provides a unique corpus of unstructured text data for data mining experimentation.